About us

Flavours of Croatia is a network of professionals offering and providing customised travel, gastronomic and wine tour services in Croatia.

Our team comprises experts from different industries (such as travel & tourism, olive cultivation and oenology) and food & wine enthusiasts with a considerable experience in tasting local specialties from all Croatian regions. The success of our agency comes from the focus on our industry knowledge, personal relationships with some of the country’s best wineries and family farms, as well as commitment to providing outstanding quality customer service.


We are technologically equipped and linguistically competent to provide professional guidance to Croatian gastronomic havens you would not be able to find easily on your own. With us you will learn about the soil, microclimate and cultivating techniques, see the vines and cultivars, get introduced to the indigenous varieties of the region, as well as the traditional food and wine making techniques.

Our mission

…to promote the wealth of Croatian organic products, traditional gastronomy and fine wines on the global level and give our clients a taste of the beauty of pristine Croatian countryside.


… to educate our clients about the benefits of sustainable agriculture and connect them to local wine producers and farmers.

Our vision

…to become the No.1 gourmet food & wine tour website our clients will return to every time they visit Croatia!