Duboković Winery

Located in the town of Jelsa, the vineyards and the wine cellar belonging to the Duboković family are a perfect getaway from the crowds in Hvar’s seaside towns.

Croatia’s leading boutique winemaker, Ivo Duboković, has built his reputation on limited availability of his high-end wines. His very best wines, Medvid and Medvjedica, are made from grapes cultivated on the South-western side of Hvar (the Medvid viticultural area) in extremely small quantities (a couple of oak barrels per vintage) and sold at high prices as an exclusive treat.


Inspired by Hvar’s unique characteristics and the wine maker’s personal memories, Duboković wines carry rather unusual names, such as “The first kiss”, “6009 years ago”, “My island” and “2718 hours of sun trapped inside a bottle”. Apart from creative names, Duboković wines boast intense and memorable flavours, diverse production techniques and a number of possibilities to combine them with food. Indigenous varieties – Bogdanjuša, Maraština, Drnekuša and Plavac Mali – presented in a very special way and served in a candle-lit wine cellar with a delicious appetiser are a reason enough to pay a visit to this winery.


Additionally, you will be able to taste and purchase fabulous extra virgin olive oils made from the local and regional varieties (oblica, dužica, lastovka and levatinka), as well as the macerated oils flavoured with Mediterranean herbs (basil, rosemary, chili & bay leaves, oregano and sage).

The tasting ritual includes 6 wines and 4 flavoured olive oils, served with some local cheese and home-made bread with herbs.

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