Grabovac Winery

The Imotski viticultural area has been renowned for its high quality wines since the Roman period, and the Grabovac family is one of the longest standing wine growers in this region. For more than 200 years this family has been growing their vines in the north-western part of the Imotski valley, the Proložac area, which is considered to be one of the best wine growing locations in the Imotski region. They also boast an official recognition received for their wines from the French authorities during the Napoleonic rule in 1812.

Best known for its fragrant cuvées named after the popular tourist attractions in Imotski – Modro jezero (the Blue Lake) and Crveno jezero (the Red Lake) , the Grabovac winery today boasts more than 12 different wines made from international varieties (such as Merlot, Syrah, Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc) and the indigenous ones (e.g. Pribidrag, Trnjak and Kujundžuša). The Grabovac family is the proud maker of the first Dalmatian sparkling wine.

The newest addition to their wine range is a premium dessert line made from hand-picked white grape varieties during the late harvest. The winery owners, Ante and Milan Grabovac, are very active members of their community: they run the local association of wine makers and organise the Kujundžuša wine festival, which is becoming increasingly successful.

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