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Infinite possibilities of gastronomy and culinary creativity may arouse intense passion for discovering new food trends and the most intriguing eateries, so it should come as no surprise that so many people dedicate a significant amount of their free time to these activities. In addition to being one of the most pleasing personal interests, exploration of new culinary tendencies may go beyond simply enjoying quality food from around the globe – it may even become a career choice for some.

The term “foodie”, however, is not something new. It was introduced in the 1980s by journalists Ann Barr and Paul Levy in their Official Foodie Handbook. According to the book authors, ‘foodies’ were described as “food adventure seekers, culinary addicts who were interested in all food experiences, refined and not”. The surge of mass “foodie”-ism in the last ten years frustrates chefs and other culinary professionals, as it seems that everyone is a food critic these days, pretending to know a lot about things they actually don’t understand.

While this popular term certainly does not encompass only the persons with refined taste in elaborate food preparation and presentation, it seems to be attached to everyone who really likes food in general.

However, a true foodie is something else. Take this simple test to find out if you are one:

  1. You are not only interested in tasting different foods, but you also want to learn about the origin of their ingredients and gastronomic tradition. Yes/No
  2. Discovering interesting new eateries isn’t just a game for you – it is a lifestyle. Yes/No
  3. You have a strong drive to experiment with, reinvent and share your food with others. Yes/No
  4. You are fascinated with different aspects of gastronomy: wine tastings, food production, scientific approach to cooking, food fairs and exhibitions, etc. Yes/No
  5. You are like a restaurant encyclopedia – you have already visited all fashionable gourmet places in your city. Yes/No
  6. You are familiar with the Foodie language: slow food, biodynamic wines, brunch… Yes/No

If most of these statements are true for you, you can rest easy – you are a foodie in every sense of the word!

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