Jakopić Winery

Wine making tradition is deep-rooted in the Jakopić family. Their first wines were made in 1908 by great-grandfather Filip, who passed on his passion for wines to the next three generations of his family, which have wholeheartedly embraced this tradition. Their wines are young, refreshing and aromatic. They are easy to drink and understand, perfect for everyday occasions. However, the winery also makes superior quality wines with specific attributes, which are offered to guests to accompany a very special meal.

In 2002 the Jakopić family refurbished an old Hungarian palace and converted it into a lovely restaurant with an exceptional wine cellar. Built on a picturesque hill of Železna gora, the Terbotz palace boasts beautiful views of the neighbouring hills and valleys. The restaurant offers unique flavours of Međimurje: fresh and seasonal soups made of local ingredients, superb meat or fish dishes served with imaginative side dishes as well as spectacular traditional desserts.

Authentic architectural details of the wine cellar and the tasting room create a special atmosphere, ideal for enjoying the bouquet and taste of Jakopić wines. Their impressive wine list features 10 own wines and the best vintages of other prominent wine makers in the area. The family’s signature wines include the brilliant Yellow Muscat and Pušipel Prestige.

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