Kutjevački podrum
The best of the Golden Valley

Kutjevački podrum is one of the oldest wine cellars in South Eastern Europe, dating back to year 1232, when Cistercian Monks established their Abbey, “De Gotho”, in Kutjevo. White Monks paid great attention to vine cultivation and wine making, and their heritage was passed down to the local inhabitants. Turković family built the first wine collection in Kutjevo, consisting of more than 1,000 wines. Although their impressive wine collection was destroyed in World War II, the tradition of collecting wines in this well-known cellar continued from 1947 onwards. Today the Kutjevo collection is the most comprehensive wine collection in Croatia, boasting over 70,000 bottles of aged wines. Apart from an exciting old wine cellar, visitors can see one of the biggest wine barrels in the region. The giant barrel made from Slavonian premium quality oak and covered with woodcut illustrations representing traditional wine making in this region regularly accommodates up to 53,520 litres of superior quality wines. Another attraction of this famous wine cellar is the Legend of the Stone Table, which is said to make amorous wishes come true when one puts their hands in the middle of this table. The visit to the cellar also comprises a tour of the Kutjevo Historic Site and the Vinkomir Lookout Villa. A Baroque church with a monastery, a castle and a lovely park, including an interesting cottage-style lookout tower perched on a hill above vineyards in the “Golden Valley” will give your wine tour an exciting historic feel.


Wine tasting at Kutjevački podrum comprises the best selection of superior quality whites: Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and the winery’s household name – Graševina (Welsh Riesling), as well as an exquisite Pinot Noir, Klikun Crni cuvee and Rosé (Zweigelt, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon cuvee). The highlight of wine tasting will undoubtedly be Kutjevo’s prestige ice wines. Not only has Kutjevo Winery received many international awards for its ice wines, but it is also the biggest ice wine maker in Croatia.


Slavonian culinary tradition can be tasted in a restaurant belonging to the Kutjevo Wine Cellar, which boasts the best of the local cuisine: vinogradarski ćevap (an interesting combination of the local and Turkish specialties – a mix of pork, beef, smoked bacon, onion and paprika wrapped in pork caul fat and roasted on a spit for several hours), čobanac (a fabulous shepherds’ stew prepared in a pot on an open fire, consisting of different kinds of diced meat (pork, beef, mutton and venison) and lots of paprika and onions) and kulin (the finest example of local charcuterie – a cured delicacy consisting of the best quality pork meat, paprika and garlic).


Kutjevo wine cellars will impress you with a broad range of flavours, interesting historic facts and excellent service.

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