Lovrec Winery

The Lovrec winery is one of the most prominent wine makers in Međimurje which constantly offers top quality wines. Moreover, the best red wine in the north-western Croatia comes from their wine cellar. Their awarded Pinot Gris is already considered legendary, while in the recent years their Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay have had some magnificent vintages. The family’s Yellow Muscat has been one of the best in the area for many years.


The Lovrec wines are the result of a 100-year-long family tradition, experiences exchanged through six generations and the newest findings in winemaking. Their boutique wines made in harmony with nature are the complete opposite of the standardized industrial wine production. The family business manager, Krešimir, is a true sustainable winemaking artisan devoted to nurturing both the inherited Central European cultivars as well as one indigenous variety – green Sylvaner.


Through an educational tour of their ancient wine cellar, ethnographic collection and tasting facilities, Krešimir’s sister Jasna, an experienced guide, will introduce you to the ‘physical and the cultural’ terroir of their estate’s micro location. Join the numerous fans of their sophisticated wines!

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