ROCA – The house of Dalmatian prosciutto

Dalmatian salty air with a rich scent of pine trees, rosemary, bay leaves, lavender and other Mediterranean herbs will imprint in your memory forever…


Winding roads through sleepy villages of the Zadar hinterlands will take you to a traditional Dalmatian pig farm. As you enter through the stone gates, you will be welcomed on an Italian-style terrace overlooking olive groves in the valley and nearby hills. The rustic setting that irresistibly reminds us of Tuscany, will mesmerize your senses: the beauty of old stone farm houses adorned with oleander shrubs and a delectable smell of freshly baked bread and grilling meat.


The farm buildings consist of a traditional tavern with a large terrace, a family ethnic heritage museum and a charcuterie shop, where you can purchase first class dry-cured meats produced on this farm.

The organic pig farm and meat processing facilities are located a bit farther away, beyond the family vineyard and fig orchard.

However, one of the most attractive parts of the Roca estate is a beautiful olive grove used as a shaded terrace furnished with hand-made stone tables, which was designed for wedding receptions and other big celebrations gathering more than 200 people. The cosy indoor venue can also accommodate a large group – up to 110 persons.


As a popular excursion destination in the area the Roca estate, apart from its culinary delights, offers educational tours as well. Guests can participate in pig slaughter, butchering and/or meat processing activities, if they pay a visit during winter months (November-January). Those who prefer to brush on their culinary skills can learn how to prepare a traditional Dalmatian brodetto.

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