Tomić Winery

A true winemaking artist, Andro Tomić, mastered his craft in France and other wine Meccas and set out on a mission to create a better future for the most popular indigenous grape variety in Dalmatia, Plavac, at his home in Hvar. This active promoter of the Hvar viniculture decided to continue the 150-years long winemaking tradition of his family and paved the way for a renaissance of the Plavac Mali variety, by proving its high potential through his legendary wines. Aged in oak barrels, the Plavac wines made by the Tomić Winery boast moderate tannins and develop a range of pleasant aromas, such as clove, vanilla and dark chocolate.


The exceptional location of his vineyards on nearby islands, Pakleni otoci, and a warm climate create favourable conditions for the cultivation of other indigenous varieties, such as Bogdanuša and Pošip.


However, his signature wines include Plavac Mali Barrique (a well-balanced red wine with elegant aromas of prunes and cherries, praised by many Western European wine lovers) and Prošek Hektorovich (the most highly awarded Dalmatian dessert wine, made from selected dried grapes of the highest quality local varieties).


The tour of the Tomić winery features wine tastings in an ancient wine cellar with arched ceilings and stone pillars, modelled on the Emperor Diocletian’s cellars. The amazing interior of this wine cellar (called Triclinium) will make you feel like a Patrician attending a Dionysian feast in the ancient Rome. Wine tastings may, depending on your preference, include 3 – 8 quality and premium wines and a snack (home-made bread with some local cheese and Dalmatian prosciutto).

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