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Wine tasting is generally an enjoyable activity.  A selection of great wines paired with a delicious snack or a meal. What is not to be liked?!

Well, things can always go wrong if you go unprepared. Let us give you a few pieces of advice before you embark on such an adventure, in order to make it a nice memory instead of a blurred one.

Tip #1: first of all you need to bear in mind that Croatian wines are quite high in alcohol, up to 16%, and yet, their pleasant taste may lure you into drinking way more than you are used to. This means, if the wines you usually drink are between 11 and 13% ABV, and you quaff a glass of every wine offered at the tasting, you may end up with a serious headache and/or nausea. So, our first tip is to limit your alcohol intake to what you can handle – a sip or two of every wine at best. Have a whole glass of the wine(s) you like the most.

Tip #2: to prevent you from getting intoxicated: do not skip any meals on the wine tasting day and do help yourself to any snack offered at the winery – it will help you stay sober and clear-headed enough to make it through the day full of winding roads across the country. Any motion sickness you might have had before might get worse, if you get tipsy. Needless to say that any reckless behaviour caused by tipsiness may lead to all kinds of accidents, such as nasty falls down a hill in a vineyard or down the stairs in a wine cellar.

Tip #3: if you do have a positive diagnosis of motion sickness, you should consider taking some medication for it, however you should postpone wine tasting until the medication effects wear off, as it sure won’t be compatible with alcohol – you may become very drowsy or dizzy. The same goes for other medications incompatible with alcohol consumption – always read the information sheet that comes with your drug before you consume any alcoholic beverage.

Tip #4: keep in mind any food allergies or special dietary needs – your hosts at the winery may not be acquainted with your specific situation, unless you tell them about it. If you usually start choking at the mere sight of olives, anchovies, cheese, etc., do let the organiser of your trip know about it before it is too late. Things like this can and should be prevented by adequate planning.

Tip #5: sometimes your wine tour will include a brief walk in a vineyard or climbing down a spiral staircase to an old wine cellar – we recommend adjusting your choice of footwear to these circumstances. A pair of flip-flops may be an excellent choice for a nearby beach – yet not a good one for a vineyard planted on a sloping shore. The same goes for high-heeled or any kind of unstable sandals. You do not want to remember this wine tasting trip by a visit to the nearest hospital.

And last but not the least, try to keep things under control as much as you possibly can – the atmosphere may get charged with excitement, as your group have had one too many. In other words, if you misbehave, the police may intervene, and this will cause inconveniences both to you and your hosts. On the other hand, keep your wits about you and your possessions – try not to lose your wallet, watch, phone or an expensive piece of jewellery in the vineyard – your travel companions will be thankful for it.

On a final note, it is important to unwind and have fun, but also to make sure that our form of having fun does not spoil anyone else’s fun.


AUTHOR: Flavours of Croatia
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