When one mentions wine tasting, the first European destinations that spring to mind are France, Italy and Spain. The countries that boast centuries-long wine making traditions and export millions of bottles of their signature wines every year are a natural choice for any serious wine lover. Yet there are times when serious wine lovers want to go beyond the obvious and boldly venture into the less-known wine havens. When it comes to fine wines and sublime local cuisine, Croatia is a true gem, yet to be discovered by gourmet travellers.

This small southeastern European country is characterised by diverse geographical features: from the impressive coastline with thousands of  green islets and towering mountains that jut steeply out of the crystal blue Adriatic Sea to undulating hills and fertile valleys of its inland regions. A peculiar mix of cultural and gastronomic influences from the Mediterranean, central and eastern Europe makes Croatia a very popular tourist destination, as one can experience a wide range of diverse culinary pleasures in virtually any part of the country. Even if food and wines are not at the top of your priority list, as there may be several more interesting things to experience in Croatia, such as its ancient walled towns, hilltop castles or stunningly beautiful national parks, a visit to a local organic farm or a small family-owned winery might add a nice touch to a holiday packed with historic sights. There are many ways in which a traveller can soak up the local culture and expose all their senses to it.

You can visit museums and galleries, spectacular beaches lapped by crystal clear water, or go hiking in one of the many natural parks across the country, but still, the experience would not be complete without tasting what Croatians take pride in. There is hardly anything as special as taking a break at a small rustic tavern with a view to a picturesque pebble beach, and slowly sipping an aromatic local wine, while indulging in a decadent display of homemade cheeses, charcuterie and freshly baked bread…

AUTHOR: Flavours of Croatia
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