Zinfandel new experience tour
Tour details

Tour for small groups (the maximum group size is 6 guests)

Pick-up at the meeting point in the centre of Split and a trip to Kaštela and the Kozjak Mountain

Tour of the Bedalov Winery & organic wine tasting

Grape picking crash course and participation in grape harvest (2 hours)

Tour of the Bedalov Winery: wine tasting and lunch, a 3-course meal paired with Bedalov wines and served in a picturesque vineyard with breathtaking sea views

short scenic tour of the Imotski lakes (the Red and the Blue Lake)

Tour of the Grabovac Winery: visit to the vineyards and wine cellar & wine tasting with a typical Dalmatian snack (prosciutto, cheese, olive oil)

Transport back to the meeting point

DURATION: approx. 8-12 hours

Tour available only from 25 August – 1 October during the grape harvest season. (Grape harvest season is flexible)


  • early morning – mid-afternoon: Kaštela wine tour, participation in grape harvest + meal at the Bedalov winery/in the vineyard
  • late afternoon: a visit to Imotski and Grabovac Winery + wine tasting with a snack

Tour price

Price from €179 per person (*based on 6 persons)

*Prices may vary according to the number of people, pick-up location and the itinerary (if customized).

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Tour description

In the early morning hours we will leave Split to explore the beautiful coast of Kaštela Bay. Our Kaštela wine tour will include a visit to a charming old tavern by the sea in Kaštel Kambelovac and a trip in the owner’s van to his organic vineyards located on the steep southern slopes of the Kozjak Mountain, overlooking the whole Kaštela Bay, where you will join other grape pickers in a 2-hour harvesting challenge. The most successful grape picker in your group will be able to choose his bottled reward among Bedalov wines. After the harvest, we will enjoy a delicious home-made 3-course meal (featuring fresh fish and seafood) paired with the wines made by the Bedalov winery, while admiring the stunning sea views from the terrace.


In the late afternoon hours we will head east out of Kaštela towards Imotski, the most interesting town in the Central Dalmatian Hinterland. Although remote, this charming little town boasts two exceptionally beautiful karst lakes, which are among the world largest sinkholes (the Blue and the Red Lake). On our way to the most famous winery in the region – the Grabovac winery – we will make a short stop by the lakes and admire breathtaking views from the top towards the lakes at the bottom of the sinkholes and enjoy the views of the Imotski Valley on the other side. Our first destination is located only minutes away from the famous lakes. Before we get there, we will pass by the Grabovac family vineyards and get acquainted with the terroir of the best wines in the region. At the winery, we will freshen up and boost our energy levels with a freshly baked bread made under the ‘peka’ baking bell, famous cheese from Livno and the best local prosciutto. This traditional platter will accompany wine tasting, during which you will have an opportunity to taste altogether 16 different wines made by this winery: 7 whites, 7 reds and 2 rosés. At the conclusion of your tour we shall return you back to your hotel/private accommodation in the evening hours.