Zlatan Otok Winery

This legendary Croatian winery cultivates the vines for its best vintages on steep slopes in the south of the Hvar Island, covering the area of Milna, Sv. Nedjelja and Zavala. Their ‘cult’ wine, Grand Cru, is made from hand-picked grapes harvested in the vineyard which is more than 30 years old. Aged in oak barrels made in France, the US and Croatia and kept for another six months in bottles, this dark ruby-colored wine, develops rich and complex aromas of prunes and vanilla.


The greatest benefit of vineyards overlooking the sea, apart from a beautiful view, is the fact that they do not need any pesticides or herbicides, so vines can be cultivated in a completely natural way. The predominant variety cultivated in the Zavala vineyard is Plavac Mali (50%), while the remaining varieties include Pošip, Bogdanuša and Yellow Muscat.

More than one hundred awards, medals and recognitions confirm the excellence of this winery.


Our wine tour will take you to their family-owned restaurant Bilo idro for a nice meal featuring the freshest seafood caught daily by local fishermen and delivered directly to the restaurant. The restaurant also has a sea pool with live lobsters, used in the finest Dalmatian dishes. However, the best part of the visit will be wine tasting in a unique underwater wine cellar below the restaurant, storing archive wines and boasting sea bottom views.

Wines with a Sea View
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